This weekend turned out to be a mixed bag for George Bush. The good news: The prez starred in the country's No. 1 film. The bad news: His performance is generating some major Razzie buzz. Michael Moore's much-hyped anti-Dubya doc, Fahrenheit 9/11, obliterated box office records left and right over the weekend, debuting at No. 1 with an astounding $21.8 million. If estimates hold, the film will rank as the top-grossing documentary ever; the previous record holder was Moore's 2002 Oscar winner Bowling for Columbine, which brought in $21.6 million during its entire run. The figure is all the more impressive when you consider that 9/11 was playing on only 868 screens. By comparison, the weekend's No. 2 film, the Wayans brothers' comedy White Chicks, grossed $19.2 million on 2726 screens.