Lisa Whelchel, Kim Fields Lisa Whelchel, Kim Fields

Facts of Life stars Lisa Whelchel and Kim Fields will reunite for Hallmark Channel original movie, For Better or for Worst, a comedy airing July 19 (9/8c).

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Whelchel will play Wendy, a widow who's finally settling into single life after the death of her husband. Wendy takes over the family business, planning weddings with her friend Roseanne (Fields). However, Wendy's business and values are challenged when a charming divorce attorney Marco (Antonio Cupo) opens up shop next door to her chapel. Though the two quickly become business rivals, they try their best to put their differences aside when her son unexpectedly gets engaged to Marco's daughter.

Earlier this year, Whelchel and Fields also reunited for a Facts of Life-inspired photo shoot.

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