Well that was an extremely frustrating hour. But at least it paid off in the end. I never thought I'd be so happy about someone being a Carver victim. The whole hour I was wanting to kill Kit myself for being so evil to Christian by accusing him of being the Carver and having him arrested. OK, not literally no TV show is going to turn me into a murderer. Although, when people make me laugh, sometimes in lieu of actually laughing, I do say "I'm gonna have to kill ya." Hmm.  Anyway, I was so hoping that the real Carver would get his next victim while Christian was still behind bars and I got my wish. So now that Kit was the latest to be carved, it makes you wonder who planted the condom in Rhea's apartment it still could've been Kit who did it just to get back at Christian for dumping her.  Or maybe the real Carver planted it.  It's supposed to be "someone they know."  Oh, the mystery. It was great to see Kathy Baker as Christian's birth mother. I've loved Kathy since Picket Fences  definitely one of my all-time favorite shows.  And did you recognize the detective working with Kit? That was Larry Sullivan, who played the ballet dancer that Will dated on Will & Grace years ago.  Speaking of Kit, at the exact same time that Rhona Mitra was giving a performance on Nip/Tuck that was a cut above the rest, her character on Boston Legal was cut from the show. Weird timing. Dave Anderson

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