Extreme Makeover: How'd They Do That?
Not one, but two houses? And a wedding, all in eight days? Ty and his crew totally outdid themselves — talk about a family who deserved a break. But the cynic in me wonders how safe the Andersons will be in their fancy new homes (not only was their basketball-star son shot and paralyzed by a gang, but three other kids were murdered down the street during the taping.) This makeover totally transformed the Andersons' lives. We can only hope their million-dollar property can change their neighborhood for the better, too.

Degrassi: The Next Generation
Poor, poor Spinner. Usually I can't stand him. (That's 'cause every girl has a "Spinner" in her past: flashback to the loudmouth jerk in math class whose idea of flirting meant bugging the crap out of you. "Does this annoy you?" Poke. "Does this annoy you?" Poke.) But when he's standing in front of his entire class and... how do I put this delicately... his soldier snaps to attention, I actually feel sorry for him. "That is why you should never wear track pants," says Paige, who laughs and points at it, uh, him, along with everyone else. (She must've liked what she saw, cause these two ended up dating. But that's for another Watercooler...)

OK, I'm lost. (And I was so proud of myself last week!) What was up with the satellite check for the thermal whoseewhatsis? Something about helicopters being too slow and power transmitters getting in the way? In other words, how the hell were they able to locate Heller? And am I the only one who replayed that scene three times and still didn't get it? Is it even important to know anyway? Jack's there, the missile is on its way (10 minutes seems like a loooong time...) and he's going in. Dude's got cojones, that's for sure. PS — Anyone recognize the ring tone on Debbie's cell phone?

Everybody Loves Raymond
Oh, the "Put Your Stuff Away/Don't Touch My Stuff" argument. One of the joys of being married. (Who, me? I've never had that conversation!) This ep could've been funnier if it had focused on Debra's freakish need to control Ray's sloppiness. Instead, mom gets involved, reminding us for the billionth time that Marie, not Debra, is the one controlling this marriage. And why is it that everyone but Debra seems to know this? (Even the studio audience groans when Marie covers for her.) Debra honey? It's time to move. The end of this season sounds about right.

Two and a Half Men
You gotta love how bits and pieces of Charlie Sheen's shady past make it into this show. Of course he set up an unsuspecting Alan with a hooker, and not a real date. "She's old-fashioned, not like the ones you usually go out with," says Alan. Don't you wonder what other story lines are real? Like when Charlie's in bed with that woman during the earthquake, and she thinks he's rocking her world? Or when he's drooling over his brother's ex when she's sunbathing in a very skimpy bikini? The truth is stranger than fiction. Sometimes it's funnier, too.

A lunatic who kills as a "social experiment" and makes it look like a murder/suicide? I guess I can buy that. So who's the mad scientist? A wedding photographer picking off his newly-wed clients. Huh? Not to mention that the D.A. didn't need a psychic to solve the crimes, just a better investigator. (Sorry, Allison. But it was pretty cool how you knew your surprise party was just a decoy plan. Can't get anything past you.)

I'm not a parent, so I probably shouldn't judge. (Oh, whatever! You know I'm going to anyway.) No consistency, plus no discipline, plus no consequences equals three out-of-control children. Add two parents who have no idea how to communicate and you've got a total nightmare. I was trying not to laugh as Jo was teaching Barbara inflections. Low-pitched Angry Voice: "No! Stop! That!" High-pitched Happy Voice: "That is very good!" Even Lower-Pitched Angry Voice "Do! Not! Do! That!" Uh, who's the parent and who's the child here? What the nanny offers the Jeans isn't so much super as it is common sense. (But her British accent did make it sound a lot nicer, didn't it?) And really, how is that entertaining? The answer: It's not.