For couch potatoes looking to dictate a series's future, tonight's episode of the Sci Fi Channel's freshman hit The Invisible Man (returning to the 8 pm/ET slot where it originally materialized) is made to order. At the conclusion, viewers can vote on the outcome (at, and next week see their wish carried out. Just don't get used to the new level of remote control — if only for the sake of Vincent Ventresca, who plays Darien, the visibility-impaired title character.

"I have trouble memorizing lines in the first place," he half-jokingly tells TV Guide Online, "and all of a sudden, we had to learn two variations of some scenes. It was brutal!"

On the plus side, little of Ventresca's dialogue is that genre staple known as techno-babble. "Fortunately, there's The Keeper," he says, referring to the comely doctor who often holds Darien's fate in her hands. "She's got dialogue that would send me running for a dictionary!"

No doubt, The Keeper will be responsible for explaining Stage 5 Quicksilver Madness, a malady that, in this installment, brings Darien's dark side to light. "I got to play a guy who has no conscience," marvels Ventresca. "Usually, we see Darien save the day, and I was always interested in seeing him not do the right thing."

So, might the invisible man's nasty alter ego reappear in the future? Quite possibly. "I miss him," admits Ventresca. "I asked the writer when we're going to bring him back!"