Val Kilmer by John Sciulli/ Val Kilmer by John Sciulli/

It's the perfect equation for success. Val Kilmer is reuniting with Top Gun director Tony Scott for the Season 4 premiere of Numbers, airing Sept. 28. "It's a double whammy!" says series star David Krumholtz. "We've had a lot of great actors on the show, but Val takes the cake. We've got to thank Tony for bringing him in." And Kilmer, who also worked with Scott on True Romance and Déjà Vu, is no stranger to mathematical plotlines. "Val played the original math and science genius in Real Genius," reminds Krumholtz. "That was shot at Cal Tech, which is where we shoot our show. Val is revisiting his old roots as an actor."

Though Krumholtz doesn't have any scenes with Kilmer, he's psyched to have the star onboard. "He's one of the most provocative actors," he says. "It proves our show is a cut above the rest to attract actors like him. Hopefully this will get more eyes on our show." And that means bigger numbers. - Reporting by N.F. Mendoza