On CBS' Rush Hour, unlike in the movies, it's acceptable and even encouraged to touch a black man's radio.

In this exclusive sneak peek of Thursday's new episode, Det. Lee (Jon Foo) is showing Det. Carter (Justin Hires) and Gerald (Page Kennedy) a mix CD his boss Capt. Cole (Wendie Malick) made of modern music to help him get acclimated to American culture. The thing is, Cole is a lot older than Lee, so her frame of reference for what's modern is a little of out of date. But hey, Lee enjoys the Spin Doctors' disrespected early '90s hit "Two Princes," and it's his right as an American to da dibba dip to his heart's content and no criticism from his wiseacre partner can take that away from him.

Rush Hour airs Thursdays at 10/9c on CBS.

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