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Look who's coming to Thanksgiving dinner on New Girl: Jamie Lee Curtis and Rob Reiner!

The comedy vets will pop up on the holiday-themed episode as Jess' (Zooey Deschanel) divorced parents, and has the exclusive first look of them on set.

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"They've been divorced for a really long time," creator Liz Meriwether tells us. "They haven't really seen each other in a while. She tries to Parent Trap them. She tries to get them back together. Obviously it's a flawed plan. Her mom is very much like her. Jamie Lee Curtis gets to be this quirky, Jess-like character, which is going to be really fun. Rob Reiner is her dad who's the straight man to all of the women in his life's craziness and thinks that they're all a little bit nuts. I am totally nervous because they are my comedy heroes and it's just so exciting to be able to work with them."

Check out the first look below! Are you excited to meet the parents?

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