Francis Capra by Jean-Paul Aussenard/ Francis Capra by Jean-Paul Aussenard/

OK, now here's a Heroes newcomer I can get behind - if only because it could offer Veronica Mars fans a very special reunion. Francis Capra, aka the toughie 'Ron (and Mars viewers) loved to hate, is joining the NBC hit this season as Jesse.

Who or what is Jesse? Not much (including his power) is being revealed, but thus far I've found out two things: One, TV's former Weevil is playing evil, and two, his villainous storyline will find him crossing paths with Peter Petrelli.

Capra's arrival of course promises to reunite him with Veronca herself, Kristen Bell, who is rumored to be reprising her own Heroes role this season.

Mars fans, are you with me in welcoming Capra back to culty TV? - Matt Mitovich