Robert Englund, FEARnet's <i>Fear Clinic</i> Robert Englund, FEARnet's Fear Clinic

Hm... The guy who played Freddy Kruger forcing people to confront their deepest fears? In webisodes we can watch for free? And the Friday the 13th franchise has something to do with this?

We're sold. But then again, we did see Freddy vs. Jason on opening night. And FEARnet's brand-new web series Fear Clinic features not just Nightmare on Elm Street's Robert Englund, but also Kane Hodder, who played the not-exactly-beloved Jason Voorhees. 
In five webisodes debuting on FEARnet this Monday through Friday, Englund's maniacal Dr. Andover tries to cure his patients' darkest fears with terrifying hallucinations. Would you believe it all goes down in a reliably creepy old hospital? Hodder plays the kind of orderly who would just as soon slam your sleeping bag-encased body into a tree as change your sheets. The series also features Danielle Harris of Rob Zombie's Halloween and Lucas Till of Hannah Montana. (Wait, we thought we were the only ones afraid of that show.)

Before you watch the online series on FEARnet, check out this exclusive look at the first episode, which will run until Monday. Sleep well!