After playing the embattled bride-to-be in The In-Laws — whose daddy and future father-in-law wreak havoc on her wedding day — it's surprising Lindsay Sloane manages to be calm about her own upcoming marriage.

"It was practice," Sloane chuckles. "It was my first time down the aisle, and I got to see what I want to take away with me — and what I would never do."

So what did the 25-year-old actress learn? "I think I took away the importance of [the wedding] being about us, and what the couple really wants," she says. "The idea of six people on a beach is definitely the direction that I'm leaning in, more than towards anything having to do with tulle or pink or beyond 50 people."

The Bring It On star seemingly culled her biggest lesson from doing bridesmaid duty at pal Sarah Michelle Gellar's wedding to Freddie Prinze Jr.: Be very sketchy about personal details with people outside your intimate circle. Asked for the vital stats on her future hubby — like, um, his name — she says only: "He's a talent manager out in L.A."

Details on when Sloane plans her nups were even harder to eke out. "Next summer" is all she'll allow. Guess the paparazzi must already be circling overhead in helicopters — if only in a hopeful Hollywood bride's imagination.

While her lips are sealed about her fiancé, this Grosse Pointe alumna's happy to say her future in-laws are nothing like her on-screen ones. "There are no secret agents [in his family]," she laughs. "At least not that I'm aware of, so hopefully, there will be no submarine explosions and tidal waves at the ceremony."