Whatever the heck happened to Jordana Brewster?

A few years ago, the As the World Turns grad was an It Girl, with lots of buzz coming off her roles on NBC's miniseries The '60s and The Fast and the Furious. Then she all but disappeared. Turns out that the 25-year-old left Hollywood for a good, old-fashioned Ivy League education at Yale University. Now she's back playing the lesbian villainess with a heart in the campy comedy D.E.B.S. (in limited release now).

"I'd say it's Clueless meets Charlie's Angels meets Bring It On," Brewster tells TVGuide.com. Perhaps with a little bit of The L Word tossed in? "Yeah, I'm the mini Jennifer Beals," she jokes. "Have you seen The L Word? D.E.B.S. is so tame compared to [that]."

Since Brewster prefers men in real life, how'd she get into the skin of a girl-crazy bank robber who's desperately seeking a soul mate in between heists? "The way [writer/director Angela Robinson] explained it to me was [to imagine] that I'm the guy who's trying to get me in bed," she recalls. "So I'm [playing] the guy with all the tricks up my sleeve — the cocky slob type who just wants to manipulate a woman.

"When I had that approach with [my costar] Sara [Foster], it was so much more human," she continues. "I could understand that, instead of it being, 'OK, be cute' or 'Have chemistry' or 'Play a lesbian.' So that's how I approached the role."

So how was her sexy-sweet smooch with Foster, who plays her pretty blond nemesis/love interest? "The anticipation was so much worse," she sighs. "We were so nervous. 'Oh, my god, what are we going to do?' And then it's done and you're like, 'That was it?' So it was a really tame experience. Sara is a fine kisser. She was on par with James Franco [who costars with Brewster in the forthcoming flick Annapolis], which I think is a compliment... for her!"