Everybody Hates Chris
Just when I was thinking that Chris' little sister Tanya was the reincarnation of Dee from

What's Happening!! (yes, the official title really has two exclamation points), Chris came out of the changing room wearing his Rerun outfit. It was picture day, and he was desperately shopping for the right ensemble. He looked pretty fresh in the

Don King, covered from head to toe in red. (Actually it looked like what Marilyn Manson wore on the back cover of The Golden Age of Grotesque. Look it up.) But ultimately, he settled on a less flashy suede top. I love what Julius said when Chris insisted he needed special clothes. "When I was a kid, we didn't have special clothes. Just having clothes was special." He always has to one-up his kids. If Chris were to complain that he was almost beaten to death during recess, Julius would say that back in his school days, he was killed, then came back to life. Has anyone else noticed that Rochelle has a new wig every single episode? She was sporting a Farrah a few weeks back. This was more like a Kate Jackson. In fact, there was a whole lot of hair stuff going on, like Greg's gravity-defying 'do. Caruso made a Billy Idol crack as "White Wedding" played in the background. But it definitely had more of a Brian Setzer from the Stray Cats vibe. And here's a question for all of you film buffs out there: What was that film clip stuck in there? Was that Shane? It was definitely a Western, and I thought I spied Jack Palance (and no, it wasn't City Slickers), but it was so quick and Dream On-like, I couldn't be sure. Help! This is going to bug me all week.