Everybody Hates Chris Ugh, another Chris repeat. I don't understand network programming at this time of the year. Where are the new episodes? (I know, I know, there's a brand-new one next week. But I had a crappy day and I wanted new not recycled laughs). Julius' penny-pinching landed him and Rochelle at one tacky restaurant. If you want to impress a lady with dinner, don't go to a place where you have to stand in line to order. Love that he had a coupon for everything even to avoid getting a parking ticket. If only life were so easy! The baby-sitter who watched the kids while the parents were out was a total mess. I can't believe she left the kids alone in order to go get

her baby. Back in my 'sitting days, I had some issues (mostly related to the liquor cabinet), but I was always there when the parents got home. As Chris says, "Irresponsible people never tell you that they're irresponsible because they're irresponsible." At least one of the times the baby-sitter went out was to get food for them at "Lincoln Fried Chicken." As terrifying as McDonald's, Burger King, etc. are, bootleg fast-food chains are way scarier. Not only are they nutritionally suspect (fry any kind of meat and it could pass as chicken), they also serve as hangouts for all the local thugs. Trust me, I know. Within three blocks of my home are a Dallas Fried Chicken, a Mama's Fried Chicken and a Kennedy's Fried Chicken, and no, that last one has nothing to do with JFK. In the end, Chris proved, once again, that he was a reliable big brother. Too bad his siblings couldn't care less.