"Somewhere in my heart I still think you are my person." This now replaces giving someone a pen as the worst thing that you can say or do to someone after they confess their undying love for you. That's just the kind of heart-wrenching stuff that I've missed while this show has been on hiatus for what seems like an eternity. I'm so glad to be back in this little mountain town for two hours with all its relationship dramas  no wonder Irv had enough material to write a book. Heck, he could probably write a dozen best-sellers. I'd so read that novel if it were out in real-world bookstores. Maybe they could release it if, heaven forbid, CW doesn't pick up this quality show. And Irv's first novel already did some good: It's got Andy doing some serious soul-searching and relinquishing his anger at his deceased wife, Julia, for having an affair. That's progress. Now if he could just get a self-help book on how to deal with teenagers, he'd be all set. I'm totally willing to loan him my copies of

Reviving Ophelia and Queen Bees and Wannabes if that would help. Or maybe he could just rent Mean Girls. On the dating front, Nina and Dr. Dimples did a bit of breaking up and making up (in front of the swankiest TV rehab center since Kirsten's on The O.C.). And Amy and Ephram split up... again. She dumped him "for now," using the aforementioned heartbreaking quote. Really, her "person"? That's so got to hurt. No wonder he ended up drowning his sorrows with a heaping helping of booze, Ms. Pac-Man and a peppy blonde named Cindy, er... Sandy. I almost fell off the couch when he told Cindy/Sandy that he had a "bitchin' time." An unexpected moment of funny from the dour dude. Then his mentor, Darth Vader, died, which was sad but got him back into playing piano. So now tell me that we can please, please get rid of mini-E. I get that the 15-year-old is supposed to help Ephram see how far he's come, but now let him pack his bags and head to Juilliard. Also, I'm hopeful Ephram's return to piano will have him back in his old wardrobe. The leather jacket, bizarre hat and the shaggy hair? Not the best look for him.

I was a little bored by the Abbots' adoption plan and by Edna's panic attacks, but that's what rounds out this show, I suppose. And I'm torn on how I feel about the Amy/Hannah bickering. I think it is realistic that two friends would start to have some differing opinions, but I'm not sure I like how much influence the late Ms. Jack Bauer has over Amy. But I know for sure that I didn't like the blatant product placement with Hannah's new car. Name-dropping is fine, but commenting on the cup holders and the cute headlights was a little much. And no episode would be complete without a Bright spot. 

Bright: "Aw yeah, B plus. Career high. Who puts the stud in American Studies? Bright Abbot does, ladies and gentlemen. I could do this professionally."
Ephram: "You want to be a historian?"
Bright: "God, is that what it would make me? Never mind."

Yeah, even after this show's long winter nap, he's still got it.