Gosh darn this manipulative show. They specifically made this episode to make me cry while watching Hannah and Bright break up... and, of course, it worked. And then they give me the happy ending, so I just went on an emotional roller coaster in the course of an hour. But how great is that? I mean, sure, I feel as drained as I would if my real-life best friend was moving and then ended up staying, but that's a sign of a truly fantastic show that is so genuine and so touching. Plus, the heart-tugging moments were contrasted with Andy and Harold's silly reckless acts, like "stealing" chewing gum from a store and skydiving, and random tidbits like Andy's fear of jellyfish. And even Ephram was on fairly good behavior tonight. Sure, he pretty much pushed Reid out of the picture, but then he went and told Hannah how much her friendship really meant to Amy. And he's not even a dropper-inner. Although he did invent the most disgusting culinary combination I've ever heard of  and I'm in the pickle-and-ice-cream stage of pregnancy  he took PB&J sandwiches and dipped them in cold tomato soup. Ick. Oh, and my favorite Everwoodian, Bright, was so sweet with the whole prom thing and planning on doing the whole long-distance thing. Adorable. He even took Hannah out for tapas, though he was initially confused and thought it was a topless bar. Then he wished for whooping cough instead of having his heart broken. Too cute. And the sometimes sweet but now just stressed Dr. Dimples looks like he's heading down the painkiller path after his crash-and-burn crisis with Simon Rex. So I guess not everyone in Everwood will live happily ever after.