Being the eternal optimist that I am, I really hoped last night's episode would rise above the blahness of the previous two and you know what? It did, though probably not in the ways WB intended. First they tried to drown the show's flaws in T and A, courtesy of the totally ludicrous Miss Bedford Online pageant (complete with militant lesbians shooting supersoakers at hot girls in white T-shirts classy, marvelous storytelling). And then they tried to make a big deal out of the "Who's the leak?" plotline, when it was obvious from the start that it was Zoe the tramp, so no surprises there, either. Business as usual for Bedford.

That's the bad. The good is that the show started fleshing out its more interesting characters and their relationships. The Richard-Natalie dynamic is awesome. I really want to see more of them and to know more about their past; the Richard-Sarah tug-of-war (newspaper editor vs. student-body president) is cool, and it got even cooler when they joined forces to protect the paper's independence; and the parallels between Richard's and Macklin's individual struggles against censorship were fun to see. Notice a pattern? Yeah, it's called "Richard." And next week he shacks up with Macklin's ex.... So, yeah, I'll be watching.