Eric Stonestreet Eric Stonestreet

Eric Stonestreet can add "Emmy nominee" to his resume now, but the Modern Family actor isn't expecting any special treatment after today.

"My girlfriend asked if she has to call me 'Emmy nominee' from now on this morning. I said no!" Stonestreet tells "I never set out to be nominated for anything, but I always knew it was possible if I was doing the job I hoped to be doing. It's just really nice to say I've been acknowledged by my peers and that people respect the work that I'm doing. I take it very seriously. I'm just really thrilled, humbled and proud."

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Stonestreet is nominated for supporting actor in a comedy series alongside co-stars Ty Burrell and Jesse Tyler Ferguson — his on-screen partner. Ed O'Neill, the show's patriarch, was left off the short list."[Ed] has the ability to fall back on the fact that he's a bonafide television icon, but I'm definitely thinking about him today," Stonestreet says. "I'm just glad that Jesse is nominated too because we think of the relationship as a duo, and I'm just happy that we're both able to celebrate this together. We've got a 50 percent chance of bringing one of those suckers home for Modern Family! I'm just happy to be in the Emmy game. I'm kind of like my dog in that way. He's happy to go places and be at things."

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Outside of a previously scheduled trip to Las Vegas with his friends this weekend, Stonestreet has no immediate plans to celebrate his nomination. "I want to get back to work! I'm excited to get back," he says. "I love what I do. I've worked a long time to get a job and I certainly want to go back there and keep pumping out the funny. Maybe we'll all celebrate there."