Last week I stressed how excited I was that Laura Innes was finally in the forefront a Kerry Weaver story line at last. This week? Nada. I know they mentioned that she was recuperating from her surgery, but come on, throw us a bone. After I got over that, I was able to enjoy the episode, mainly because of the fabulous

Shohreh Aghdashloo. How often does an actress guest star on two different shows in the same night? Earlier tonight, she was the 732nd guest star ever featured on Will & Grace. OK, I made that number up, but you get my drift. Here, she brilliantly played the mother of the 21-year-old Turkish girl with multiple stab wounds. How horrifying that it was her brother who did it as an "honor killing" because he felt she betrayed the family by dating the American man. Back to Ms. Aghdashloo. I must mention how robbed she was of an Emmy nomination for 24 last season! Elsewhere, how funny was it that Morris all of a sudden met four of the children he had via sperm donation? Too bad they didn't seem to want to stick around and spend more time with him. Speaking of kids, I'm glad Abby agreed to baptize their baby, especially after she described it as "so Rosemary's Baby." I liked hearing Luka say "that's what we do in Croatia" since I myself, a Serb, was baptized. My favorite comic moment was Clemente getting tested for drugs and having to pee in front of the female tester. Loved his "It's OK, honey, you know you want to look" followed by a pause, followed by her quickly looking down. But who saw it coming that roommates Neela and Barnett would ever have romantic feelings toward each other? A la Grey's Anatomy, hospitals must make people really horny. Dave Anderson

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