I was really looking forward to the episode originally scheduled for tonight a new Kerry-centric one because there hasn't been an episode that focuses on Kerry Weaver in ages. But, alas, no. NBC got cold feet and decided to substitute with all reruns tonight since Fox aired the final Thursday Idol and the return of

The O.C. Remember the days when NBC owned Thursdays instead of CBS, Fox and ABC? Tonight's entire NBC lineup was postponed until next week. At least it was a good repeat Kristen Johnston's first appearance as County General's new nurse manager/beeyotch Eve. I recall having mixed feelings about her at first, but the way they wrote Eve was such that the hateful parts of her character way outweighed the likable parts. So I was glad they eventually got rid of her. I've been enjoying John Leguizamo as Clemente more. This episode was also the one where we started getting hints that Abby and Luka were slowly rekindling their relationship.... Now look at them. So, until next week, Kerry on. Dave Anderson

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