Steve Buscemi by Elisabetta A. Villa/ Steve Buscemi by Elisabetta A. Villa/

OK, so it's not George Clooney returning, but the former Tony Blundetto - aka Steve Buscemi - will make an appearance on ER's 14th season finale, airing May 15. Atoning, we pray, for I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry, Buscemi plays "a loudmouthed drunk with a dangerous secret." And since this emergency room is often as dangerous as a cage-fighting venue, he'll "threaten the safety" of the hospital staff and make Pratt "choose between the life of a patient or the lives of his staff."

Elsewhere in the season-ender, maybe-homewrecker Moretti (Stanley Tucci) - will Luka find out he did the dirty with Abby? - makes a return visit, as does Hal Holbrook's wise old geezer. - Ileane Rudolph