I love Maura Tierney ! What an awesome episode for her. She says so much with just one look. And who knew Abby and Luka would make such a nice couple? Luka was being the epitome of the perfectly understanding and supportive boyfriend just what Abby needs at such a stressful time. To keep a baby or not to keep a baby? Interesting timing with the 15-year-old rape victim also having to make that decision. Nice, satisfying ending with Abby telling Luka, "I didn't do it; I couldn't. I want to keep it. I want us to have this baby." Luka grabbing Abby's hand and holding it, of course, made me cry. I rarely get through an ER

episode without at least one teary eye. It was also a great episode for Goran Visnjic. It surprised me a bit to see him so stern with Neela and telling her his personal beliefs have nothing to do with how he treats his patients. When, oh, when will they show Sam finding out about Luka and Abby? Doesn't make sense for them to ignore that. I was glad to get a bit of a backstory on Clemente. I look forward to finding out more about him and why that "crazy nurse" is causing all this trauma. And they finally gave Laura Innes something to do. Kerry had to become a newly admitted patient in order to have a story line, but I love when she gets to be funny. ("Back away from the gurney, or I will impale you with my crutch. Back off, Elvis!") The funniest line was Scott Grimes to Shane West: "What's wrong with you? Did Ashley Simpson get caught lip-synching again?" Dave Anderson

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