I can just hear the melodramatic NBC promo now: "When choosing between Iraq and a hard place, Gallant chooses to return to Iraq...." Just kidding  I made that up. But poor Neela. She thought she had him back and based in Chicago. This episode also made me feel bad for the overwhelmed Dubenko, who had to sub for the missing Clemente. I was so glad to see that he got a nice haircut but even more glad that he got his way and made sure that the old man's dying wife would be transferred to another hospital. The old man hugging Dubenko at the end and telling him "You're a good doctor! You're a good man" was an awesome moment just what they both needed. Another highlight was Shane West's Ray saving the day and getting Zoey into a cab just in the nick of time before her abusive father got to her again. What a perfect way for Ray to get back at the monster for beating him to a pulp months ago. Speaking of Ray, I loved him trying to fool Kerry into believing she didn't force him to quit  her looking back was classic. Meanwhile, Luka and Abby's baby shopping ranged from extremely adorable to extremely boring. I did enjoy when she ducked after the gal from the pharmacy walked in. What

will they all say at the ER? Abby's best line to Luka: "If your mutant Croatian seed causes me to have twins..." Nice work from Carole Gutierrez as Neela and Gallant's prospective landlady. OK, Carole's a good friend of a good friend, so I had to give a shout out, but she was quite good. And let me leave you with this pretty image: Morris has four nipples. Dave Anderson

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