John Stamos by Jean-Paul Aussenard/ John Stamos by Jean-Paul Aussenard/

Your dream of Dr. Tony Gates being spun off into a three-camera sitcom in which he plays pediatrician to a motley group of incorrigible misfits has been thusly shattered. Dismissing a Rush & Malloy item saying that John Stamos' had been wooed to front an ER spin-off (but "wasn't having it"), series creator John Wells tells TV Guide, "It may have been a spin-off from Full House, but it wasn't from ER." Now that's gonna hurt in the morning.

Wells, however, won't discount the possibility of there one day being an ER offshoot. "[Cocreator] Michael Crichton and I have never really wanted to dilute the series itself," he says. "We've always resisted it. It doesn't apply now that we're heading into Season 15 [this fall], but I always thought that spinning something off somehow diminished the original show." - With reporting by Ileane Rudolph