Another episode that made you think of your parents. Last week it was "Would you save your alcoholic father by giving him your liver even though he continually beat up your mother?" Tonight it was "Would you rather have your mother die a fairly quick death due to liver cancer, or die a much slower way while not recognizing you due to Alzheimer's disease?" I guess I don't blame Meredith for being disappointed when she found out her mother's cancer was benign rather than malignant. I can't imagine going through life if my mom didn't know who I was. A friend of mine is going through just that, and she's told me how difficult it's been, so if any of you are in the same boat, my thoughts are with you. Kate Burton does a phenomenal job as Ellis Grey, but I feel rather old every time I see her. I remember when I was a child that the leading man and woman of Hollywood were Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. Then I remember reading that Richard's teenage daughter, Kate (from a previous marriage), was an up-and-coming actress. Now look at her: She's playing someone's ailing mother. So yes, I feel old. Elsewhere, what a way for Burke finally to find out Cristina was pregnant after she lost the baby. You could tell how much he cares for Cristina when Dr. Webber needed Burke to assist him so he couldn't get to her. And I'm glad Meredith finally came to her senses and forgave Derek loved her "Hating you is the most exhausting I don't want to do it anymore" speech as she kissed him.  Nice timing right after Addison kissed him and he surprisingly allowed it. Oooh Soap Opera with a capital S and O!