My Name Is Earl My Name Is Earl

This ep started off a little slowly, with Lorelai ogling the Twickum house, pointlessly bantering with Luke over Star Wars, then adopting a dog as the most obvious Rory replacement ever. Let's get to the good stuff already! I started getting seriously impatient with loony-tune T.J's over-the-top antics. (Smashing a huge hole in Lorelai's house? Come on, now I know Stars Hollow does quirky, but this guy makes Kirk look normal.) Things definitely picked up in the last 15 minutes when Rory went to see Luke at the diner. She looked totally crushed when she walked in, then completely devastated when Luke told her about the engagement. Her poor, sad face broke my heart. (Though I do have to say Alexis Bledel looks absolutely gorgeous this season. I'm not sure exactly what's changed since last May; maybe it's the longer, flowy hair?) I'm with Lorelai he shouldn't have told her, even just as filler in an awkward conversation. Then again, if Lorelai wants to practice the tough love she's preaching, this was exactly the way to go. Ouch! For a second I thought she might offer Rory an olive branch when she saw her spearing garbage on the side of the road. (Did anyone recognize the song playing on her car radio? Was it "Proved Me Wrong" by Slick Shoes?) But then I quickly realized that the hurt runs too deep, on both sides. The clashing that ensued ("Be sure to send me a wedding announcement!" "Let me know when the pool house has been redecorated") were the girls at their prickly best. Just the way we like them.