This ep started off with a bang as Nancy's mooching brother-in-law, Andy, decides to set up shop in her home. As his first act of business, he gives Nancy's eldest son, Silas, a stolen cellular phone, and then offers nunchucks to her youngest, who is only 10. Then he stops by neighborhood pal's to get a bit o' weed, where he learns of his sis-in-law's business venture. In a moment of clarity, he realizes that this financial opportunity is a lazy-man's windfall, and tries to persuade Nancy to let him be part of her new bakery business. In other news, Silas is dating the adorable, and deaf, Meghan. Words cannot describe how disturbing it was to watch Uncle Andy have IM sex with her, under the ruse of being her beau. This is where Nancy has had enough and tries to remove him from the household, but brother-bastard blackmails her with the info he picked up that afternoon at his pal's house. He offers to help, going for the bleeding-heart appeal of family and struggling single mom and so on. Nancy buys it momentarily, but boots him from the business before the episode wraps. Another sound business decision for Nancy! Vanessa Rothschild

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