Jeremy Piven and Rex Lee by Claudette Barius/HBO Jeremy Piven and Rex Lee by Claudette Barius/HBO

Hey, it worked for The Doors.

In Sunday's Entourage (10 pm/ET, HBO), Vince and the boys head into the desert on a journey of chemically enhanced self-discovery - an experience that is less than Gold-en for Ari, who turns to the ever-loyal Lloyd for assistance.

"I help Ari get through his trip," says Rex Lee, the scene-stealing actor behind the put-upon assistant. "He calls me I'm dog-sitting for him, and I throw a small party at his house. But, yes, I do help him."

Just as Lloyd's done in countless other crises. "It sort of solidifies their relationship. I think this season [Lloyd] really proves that he's there for Ari," says Lee, whose name is now appropriately in lights as part of the show's opening credits.

"If I'm really feeling low, I may find an episode I've TiVo'ed and watch my name," he laughs. "It warms my heart every time I see it." Ours, too. - Joseph Hudak