Entourage by Claudette Barius/HBO Entourage by Claudette Barius/HBO

While the cast of Entourage usually remains mum about future plotlines, we managed to get some hints as to what will be coming up by talking to the boys (and girl) at parties around Los Angeles.

While Vince and E's relationship continues to get more tense due to differing opinions on "Medellin," Ari's life will be complicated by Lloyd's leave of absence to deal with personal matters and by Mrs. Ari's decision to return to the working world. At the L.A. premiere of Transformers, Perrey Reeves tells us, "It's going to be some fun stuff for Mrs. Ari. You get to find out what she was like before, maybe see what her career might have been."

Rex Lee elaborates, "She means that there have been allusions to what her job was before she got married, so she's going to go back and revisit that." And what does Mrs. Ari do for a living? "She's a retired actress," says Kevin Connolly.

At the HBO party at the W hotel, one of the many places where Entourage has been filmed, Kevin Dillon tells us that Drama will finally get a girl at the end of the season. His new love will appear in the shape of French actress Julia Levy-Boeken and will most likely be part of Drama's huge following in France, thanks to "Viking Quest."

And according to Jerry "Turtle" Ferrara, the boys' trip to France will culminate in, "Something that's never been done in television history. All I can say is we had one chance to get it. One take. That's all I can I say. One take, we were not getting another."

Hmm... sounds almost like the last scene of "Medellin." - Reporting by Carlita Rizzo