Entourage Entourage

Season 7 of Entourage (premiering Sunday, 10:30/9:30c on HBO) picks up six months after we last left Vince and Co., with signs pointing to the boys maturing—or at least trying to. Creator Doug Ellin fills TV Guide Magazine in on what's ahead for the posse.

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Vince (Adrian Grenier): "It's a big year for Vince," Ellin says. "He's going to get a little darker." Of course, that may change when the movie star enters into a relationship with real-life porn actress Sasha Grey.  

Eric (Kevin Connolly): "Life seems to be pretty good for him," Ellin says. "He's got a successful business [as a showbiz manager] and is getting married." Just don't expect lace and tulle. "This is Entourage — we don't want to watch a wedding," says Ellin.

Johnny Drama (Kevin Dillon): Having landed a TV development deal, the perpetual D-list actor will try to produce an actual star vehicle — with Lloyd (Rex Lee) continuing as his agent. And his bro won't be the only one getting lucky: Ellin is hoping to find a celeb to play Drama's love interest.

Turtle (Jerry Ferrara): "He's trying to make a go of it on his own with a new business, financed by his buds, that involves a bunch of hot girls [chauffeuring] cars," says Ellin. "But he'll find it's not so easy." Girlfriend (and real-life ex) Jamie-Lynn Sigler took off for New Zealand last season but may make a surprise return.

Ari Gold (Jeremy Piven): The überagent will expand his domain and "try to run the universe by taking over phone companies and sports teams — whatever he can do," says Ellin. Show us the money!

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