Almost the entire episode was one contestant, which only goes to prove my point that they really need to speed this show up. I love game shows probably more than the next person but the fact that if there is one player who just is uninteresting on and they take up a good 45 minutes then the show just drags. The first player of the night Traci, had this screechy squeal/scream that really got on my nerves. Plus, by bringing out her entire grade school class it just added to the length of this episode. All I kept thinking was that it was teaching young kids to gamble, having them scream "No Deal." And Traci brought her uncle/boss who just happens to also be a priest. Which had me wondering if it was sort of an unfair advantage to have a man of the cloth on your side? Just a thought. But though Traci took home a big chunk of change, I actually couldn't have cared less what she did. But Crystal, who was relegated to the last eight minutes or so, was actually kind of fun. I'll actually watch tomorrow night to see her in action. Even Howie and the banker thought she was spunky and fun.  I do have to admit that her enthusiasm was infectious and not in a bad like rash kinda way.