Andy Baldwin, <EM>The Bachelor: Officer and a Gentleman</EM> Andy Baldwin, The Bachelor: Officer and a Gentleman

U.S. Navy Lt. Andy Baldwin now swoons for one woman only. We caught up with the doc, who hands out his last rose tonight (at 9 pm/ET) on ABC's The Bachelor: Officer and a Gentleman.

TV Guide: Were you skeptical because of how some other Bachelor relationships ended?
Andy Baldwin:
I'm not a prince and I'm not a Firestone heir. You know, [the show] has been successful, [too]. Trista and Ryan [Sutter] are having a baby, and Byron [Velvick] and Mary [Delgado] are getting married. I thought if you went in with the right attitude, anything is possible.

TV Guide: Can you confirm if you're engaged?
I am.

TV Guide: Have you set a date?
No, not yet.

TV Guide: Were you pressured at all to propose?
As things got deeper emotionally, I felt the potential for bigger and better things. To make a commitment and to propose was the right thing to do.

TV Guide: You've been separated from the woman you love since the end of filming….
We do talk a lot. It's been important for us to be able to lean on each other during this time [since taping ended]. Especially her, because she hasn't been able to voice her joy and affection. We [don't] talk too much about the show. We talk about our future.

TV Guide: And have you talked about her becoming a military spouse?
The strength and the courage and the understanding that it takes to be a military spouse is something that shouldn't be taken lightly. She very much understands the sacrifice that goes into being a military spouse, and that was a question I asked [of almost] all the women, especially coming down to the end: Were they prepared to move to Hawaii and be married to a military officer [who] could be deployed at any time?

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