Sci-fi fans have spent the past seven months anxiously awaiting the return of TV's most outrageously unpredictable space opera, Farscape. But they may be a tad disappointed in the final four installments of season three — the first of which airs Friday at 9 pm/ET on the Sci Fi Channel. "We wanted to throw a curveball," exec producer David Kemper tells TV Guide Online. "So these episodes are extraordinarily boring. Nothing happens, and the end of the season will surprise people with its lack of emotion, humor and scope."

He is, of course, joking. "Truth be told, I think the season finale might be my favorite one so far — there's going to be a whole mix of emotions being stirred up at once," reveals Kemper, who also penned the episode. "Viewers will be moved, and might even be angry."

Above all, the coming weeks will be filled with surprises, including a wedding, a funeral and a last-minute double-twist sure to set off fiery chatroom debates. "Part of the reason that Farscape stays so fresh is that no one can guess what's coming next," he says. "Because we're never exactly sure. We know where [lost-in-space astronaut] Crichton's journey ends, but have no idea how, exactly, he'll get there."

With season four premiering in June, just how much longer will intergalactic baddie Scorpius have the hunky hero and his pals to kick around? "I consider the show to be a gigantic novel, with each season serving as a chapter," Kemper muses. "I think a show like this could go seven seasons and die, but it feels like a more natural six to me."