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Emmy voting is down to the wire! Over the week, voters will be checking off names and shows they think are worthy of getting a nomination come July 14. We here at have a few picks in mind ourselves. Next up: our dream ballot for Best Supporting Actor in a Drama:

Emmys:'s picks for supporting actress in a drama

Max Burkholder, Parenthood

Among Parenthood's insanely talented ensemble is Burkholder, who is all of 13 years old. His nuanced and expert portrayal of Max Braverman — the first prime-time series regular character with Asperger's syndrome — is so superb that his scenes often feel like we're observing an actual family moment. We dare you to find anything more raw and affecting.Michael Cudlitz, SouthlandAll of Southland's guys are worthy of a nomination, but we'll single out Cudlitz. Consistently strong since the show's start, Cudlitz always adds layers to the already complex and wounded — physically and emotionally — John Cooper. His descent into painkiller addiction was agonizing to watch, but nothing was more powerful than seeing him finally admit it and check into detox in the finale.

Emmys:'s picks for best comedy series

Alan Cumming, The Good WifeCumming pocketed a guest actor nod last year and he surely must enter the supporting race this year after making Eli Gold even more wonderfully rude but fun. Whether he was working tirelessly to get on Alicia's good side, wooing America Ferrera's Natalie or going toe to toe with the evil Becca, Eli singlehandedly brings out the best in everyone and has become one of the series' most beloved characters (following Kalinda, natch).Peter Dinklage, Game of ThronesTyrion Lannister could easily be played for comic relief, but Dinklage would never allow that. While dwarves on film have typically been cartoonish, Dinklage's Tyrion — cunning, quick-witted and puckish to the core — is a fully realized character, not only because of the source material but the actor himself. If Dinklage's not nominated, heads will roll (except for Ned Stark's, of course).

Emmys:'s picks for lead actor in a comedy

Walton Goggins, JustifiedIt's hard to think that Boyd Crowder was supposed to die in the pilot since we can't imagine Justified without him now. The Boyd-Raylan dynamic continues to fascinate and stimulate, thanks in large part to Goggins' morally ambiguous outlaw, whom he portrays with such control, soul and panache. Goggins wasn't nominated during The Shield's run, so recognition is long overdue.John Noble, FringeNoble portrays Walter with such effortlessness that it's easy to forget how often he's playing multiple versions of the man, between the universes and flashback hours. Each one is imbued with a different shade, but all are still the drug-addled nut-job we know and love. The pain, peculiarity, grief, madness and charm Noble can express in one episode alone are enough to earn him a win — but the actor has been unjustly snubbed the last two years.Who would you like to see nominated?