From the talk shows to the soaps, the 32nd annual Daytime Emmy Awards are all about the drama. Before you watch tonight (9 pm/ET on CBS), we answer some nagging questions.

Why no Oprah?
After winning seven Emmys as host and nine for best talk show, the Big O took herself and her show out of those races several years ago. But she still lets her technicians compete (they have four nods this year, ranging from lighting to hairdos). Winfrey's guilt over gilt has opened the door to some very bizarre entries — how else to explain the best-talk-show nod for SoapNet's hopelessly dopey Soap Talk? (Editor's Note: We must respectfully point out that Mr. Logan's take on Soap Talk is his own.)

Will Martha Stewart show up?
Recently, the house-arrest queen has been under investigation by her probation officers for attending an awards gala that may not have been all that business-related. But we bet she'll be at the Emmys. Not only is Martha Stewart Living up for three awards (including a nod for Martha herself as outstanding service-show host), but Stewart has been asked to present a special honorary Emmy to the late Julia Child. Oh, and a memo to the feds: Martha always means business.

How did eight women wind up nominated for best actress?
Blame it on the lazy voters. Few academy members were willing to give up a Saturday to judging, resulting in ties galore. (The other major acting categories each have six nominees.) The pathetic turnout will be the top topic when Emmy officials hold their national powwow this summer, but in the meantime, we've got a diva battle royale!

Last year's winner, Michelle Stafford (The Young and the Restless), is up against Kim Zimmer (Guiding Light), Nancy Lee Grahn (General Hospital), Juliet Mills (Passions), Susan Flannery (The Bold and the Beautiful), Martha Byrne (As the World Turns), and Erika Slezak and Kassie DePaiva (One Life to Live). Only DePaiva is Emmy-less, and this is her first nomination after 17 years in the suds.

"[OLTL stars] Hillary Smith and Robin Strasser felt so sorry for me that they stayed off the ballot just to give me a better chance," DePaiva says. "Isn't that the sweetest thing?" Well, yeah, but that's where the generosity stops.

"I want one more Emmy, then I'm never gonna do this again," swears Zimmer, who already has three but reminds us that she "hasn't won since 1990." She gets no pity from Grahn. "Sorry, but it's my turn," says the GH star. "I haven't won since 1989, so tell Zimmer to shut her damn yap." Now that's daytime drama!

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