Students at Sheffield University in London have banned rapper Eminem's songs and T-shirts as a result of his anti-gay lyrics, Reuters reports. Anyone who shows up at the school's disco clad in Eminem-wear will be turned away, the radio station will not play his music and the student newspaper is banned from printing reviews of his CDs or concerts. "There was clear evidence of a flagrant breach of our policy toward gays," explained Neil Foster of the student union board. "We are trying to reduce homophobia." Meanwhile, here in the states, the Gay &#038 Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation is planning a Grammy-day protest in response to the homophobe-misogynist's four nominations. GLAAD will be joined by nearly a dozen other groups, including the National Organization for Women, the Matthew Shepard Foundation, the L.A. Gay &#038 Lesbian Center and the National Sexual Violence Resource Center in a "Rally Against Hate."