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Ellen DeGeneres says she's fine after having chest pains that prompted her to call paramedics to her talk show studio Monday.

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"First of all, I'm fine. Let me just say, I'm fine. The paramedics were strippers that I had called," she joked in a statement. "That's how the rumors got started."  DeGeneres, 53, said she started having chest pains Sunday night, which she compared to two cats standing on her chest. The pain and tightness persisted when she got to work the next day, so she called the paramedics to be safe.

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"Then they come in with an ax. Break the door down. It was open. I don't know why they did that," she said. "They came in, they asked me all the questions: How are you feeling? When did it start? Family history? Can I get tickets to the

12 Days [of Giveaways show]? All the questions that they would ask, but everything is fine. I don't know what it is, but it's fine. I have a baboon heart that I had put in earlier."She continued: "But I want to say thank you to all the paramedics and the nurses who showed up and everybody and TMZ for caring so much ... I appreciate it."