Elisabeth Hasselbeck Elisabeth Hasselbeck

Who has enough clout to get a personal apology from The White House? Would you believe us when we say Elisabeth Hasselbeck? Because she did.

Usually an annual guest to the White House Christmas party, Hasselbeck did not receive an invitation this year and voiced her discontent on The View Tuesday morning.

"Maybe I didn't do enough for the Republican party this year," the loud and proud "Great AmeriCain Hero" supporter pouted on the show, adding that she has a "bone to pick" with the White House.

But don't worry about a Hasselbeck-Bush feud any time soon. After the show, the former Survivor contestant received a phone call from the Bush administration, who blamed snail mail for the perceived snub (Guys, just do e-vites!), Karl T. Nilsson, View executive publicity director, told Us Weekly.

"The President's office apologized and explained that she and her husband [Tim Hasselbeck] were indeed invited to the White House for Christmas and were sorry that it did not arrive," Nilsson said. "It was simply an oversight."

And to make the most out of her favorite party's last days in office, Hasselbeck is also "hoping to make plans for a visit to the White House in the early New Year," Nilsson said.

Hopefully that'll be before Jan. 20.