Election Night Book Preview Election Night Book Preview

While the media has evolved to offer more ways to get information, election-night coverage has changed little since it first aired on TV in 1948. Viewers know how the story will end — one candidate will reach 270 electoral votes and be declared the president — but the changing characters, plot lines and unknown winner has always kept them hooked.

A new e-book from NBC Publishing, Election Night: A Television History, 1948—2012, written by TV Guide Magazine business editor Stephen Battaglio, explains how watching the vote count became an American ritual.

The enhanced iPad and Nook versions (available today on Amazon.com, Barnesandnoble.com and the Apple iTunes store) offer more than 90 minutes of archival video from some of the most memorable political moments as reported by Tom Brokaw, David Brinkley and Brian Williams and includes Tim Russert's magic slate from 2000 ("Florida! Florida! Florida!"). There's also a free bonus chapter on the 2012 race that readers can access in late November. No matter who wins, this e-book's earned our vote.

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