Kenny McCormick's "kinda sorta" return from the grave was the buzz at South Park's fifth anniversary bash in Los Angeles. Ice sculptures of Cartman, Kyle and Stan melted atop the bar, while junior pop star Aaron Carter, 14, and his pals got hot temporary tattoos of SP characters. Actually, they all chose Cartman tats. But Carter — who did a dead-on impression of Kenny's mumbling — cheered the dead fourth grader's comeback: "You can't get rid of Kenny!"

Meanwhile, the rest of young Hollywood was busy misbehavin'. Terminator boy Edward Furlong — who goes by "Eddie" off-screen — sipped Cosmos with girlfriend Liz Levy. Was the 25-year-old actor miffed about getting passed over for T3? "Other than the fact that I left a couple of burnt dolls in their doorway, I was all right," he joked. "No, it's cool man, it's cool. I hope the best for that movie. I got other stuff."

Furlong's next film, Three Blind Mice, "is about snuff movies on the Internet," he says. "I have a sex scene in it. You see my b---s. Not many people can say that! I'm proud, man! I'm proud of my bollocks." Alrighty then!

A red carpet gossip told Party Boy that MTV reality brats Kelly, Aimee and Jack Osbourne were officially no-shows. Word is, they canceled their limo at the last minute. Hmm... Kelly has seemed press shy ever since Aussie paparazzi caught her drinking underage. Say vodka, er, I mean cheese!

The Man Show's Jimmy Kimmel — soon to host a late-night talk show on ABC — raised eyebrows by bringing comic Sarah Silverman (Greg the Bunny) as his date. Kimmel reportedly is divorcing wife Gina, with whom he shares two kids. As the parking valet whispered, "Es un escandalo!"

Later, South Park creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker added more spice by introducing the retro-sexy sounds of Morris Day and the Time. "No [sex] on the dance floor," they cautioned the 600 groovin' guests. "[Do it] on the couches."

Between pelvic thrusts, Day asked the ladies: "Are you afraid of the words 'sexiness' or 'nastiness'?" Backstreet Boy A.J. McLean's fiancée, Sarah Martin, clearly wasn't. She and V.I.P. alumna Natalie Raitano were among several ladies dancing dirty on stage! Meanwhile, A.J. — who's in recovery — bravely stuck to non-alcoholic beverages all night.
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