Eddie Cibrian was the first victim on Kathy Najimy's quest for the gold chip and $100,000 grand prize for her charity. I was feeling a little bad because he was arguably the best player in this championship round, but then I remembered that his new alien show debuted last night to some pretty decent ratings. No more pity from me. But even though Kathy was distracted by all the dimples and hair of the "crazy handsome" combo of

Andrew Firestone and Mr. Cibrian, she didn't let those pretty boys distract her too much. I thought it was pretty funny that Phil and Dave decided to choose their picks for winners out of a hat because they didn't want to purposely jinx anybody. That system didn't really work either, as Phil's pick, Andrew, and Dave's pick, Cheryl Hines, ended up in the losers' lounge keeping the cohosts company. For a while it really looked as if  Stephen Collins had been touched by an angel (no, not by me; I was busy rooting for Kathy), but Kathy made a string of really aggressive plays. There wasn't too much joking quite a bit of unrepeatable trash talk, mostly on Cheryl's part but it was some good game playing. I just still can't figure out why Rosie O'Donnell felt the need to make a guest appearance. Is she really that limelight-starved? AC

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