Actor Eugene Levy would love to tell the world how thrilled he is to be reprising his role as Jason Biggs's old man in American Pie 2. However, due to the strict code of silence surrounding the eagerly anticipated sequel, his lips have been sewn shut.

"They've got me paranoid," he tells TV Guide Online of Universal, the studio behind the film. "They keep sending me these letters and they send scripts with false titles on them, saying, 'We don't want anybody to see this.'"

Although Levy is keeping mum, brothers Chris and Paul Weitz — who directed American Pie and are executive producing the follow-up — are willing to offer a little clue. "Let's just say there is Krazy Glue in the place of baked goods in this one," hints Paul. Younger sib Chris is quick to add with a laugh, "[But] not in the exact place."

Despite the sticky situation, Paul assures Pie fans that the sequel isn't oversaturated with goo. "It is relatively unpretentious, which was one of the saving graces of the first one," he explains, adding, "It's still pretty sweet."

Currently, the brothers Weitz are out promoting their new film, Down to Earth (opening Feb. 16), starring Chris Rock and Pie's Levy. "I just love those guys," the 54-year-old SCTV alum says of the filmmaking duo. "I formed a great friendship and a great bond with them on American Pie — they're really brilliant young kids. They have a great sense of comedy. I would do anything they asked me to do."