Back in the early '80s, when Tommy Lee was running roughshod over the Sunset Strip with Mötley Crüe, I doubt one of his goals was to someday go to college. If so, then it was at the bottom of his goal list, way below "get wasted nightly," "score countless chicks" and "make sex tape." But with all of those checked off, college is exactly where the tattooed drummer finds himself in his first authorized reality show.

And, if I may invoke Tommy for a moment: The s--t is bananas, dude. I laughed more at this fish-out-of-water series than I have at most of the upcoming fall sitcoms combined. Trying to fit in as a student at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln, Tommy is a primal scream, unable to comprehend that chemistry isn't just about "making crazy stuff" in the lab. He'd sure ace Charm 101, though. Just look at the way he turns it on with his bombshell tutor, Pamela, er, Natalie, who theorizes that "little things seem to distract" her pupil. Honey, they ain't little things that are distracting him. Given his penchant for buxom blondes, it doesn't surprise me that he can't focus.

But I am shocked that he fumbled so much during band audition. I guess the guy doesn't feel as home-sweet-home when he's not strapped into a rotating drum kit banging away to "Girls, Girls, Girls." Wasn't it somewhat scary to see that infamous Lee anger start to bubble up when he couldn't keep time with the other drummers? I'm sure that waking up at 6 am to practice didn't help his motor skills or mood much. "I wouldn't even get up at this hour for sex," he says. Bro, it's freakin' bananas that we have so much in common.