My Name Is Earl
The wardrobe department has got to be having more fun than anyone on this show. The getups the "gang" wore to their one day of office work were just brilliant I predict a sudden rise in the demand for 6-inch-long ties and mud-flap-girl button-downs after tonight. I agree with Joy: Earl is a lot more fun when he bends the rules to make room for some petty crime in his karma-fueled life. As long as poor little old hot-dog vendors aren't hurt in the process, that would be "like taking chicken wings out of Syracuse," as Randy would say. I want to see the world through Randy's eyes, so I can think that office-building lobbies are just good places to slide around in your socks, and people in suits would remind me of when Ted from Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure put on those glasses and entered the Matrix. As much as I don't like Ralph's mean-spirited brand of selfish crime, I will award him with the quote of the night, said in response to the evil Winky Dinky manager's shady proposal: "The only thing is, if it involves math or spelling or anything, we might need a little extra time, because we're not the geniuses you think we are." Then again, they were much smarter than that real-life Wendy's finger-chili gang. And how kind of Ralph to give up a pinky toe for the sake of a good wiener.