My Name Is EarlFunniest episode since Joy's wedding. Of course, that could be because it's another Joy-centric story. Or it could be because it was a veritable encyclopedia of the characters' ignorant notions: An exhausted Randy had trouble getting air into his mouth and down to his stomach.Earl and Randy tried to carry stolen gas in plastic bags.Randy said the carpet would protect Philo from oncoming traffic.Earl asked if books on tape were sticky; then he assumed an iPod was some sort of space capsule.Darnell said that jealousy felt like blood was gushing in and out of his heart. Loved how badly Randy just wanted to let Philo kill himself, clearly just out of laziness, not malice toward the annoying Adam Goldberg

. Meanwhile, of Joy's many, many brilliant lines of the night (not to mention an entirely mimed sequence between her and Earl), this one will live on in infamy: "Not all dates are good ones. Sometimes it ends up with your sweetie doing a black man in a bathroom."