Tony Dovolani Tony Dovolani

In light of the threatening letter containing a white powder sent to the Dancing With the Stars office late Friday night (allegedly addressed to Bristol Palin), pro-dancer Tony Dovolani told TV Guide Magazine at the 2010 AMAs on November 21 that Palin could count on his support through the ordeal.

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"Every time I've had a chance to speak to her, I tell her to hold her head up high," he says. "She is not the one voting for herself, everybody else is. So it's not her fault."

Dovolani says Palin is doing remarkably well, despite the negative media attention. "I think the mainstream media and the tabloids, everybody loves to bash her. She's a single mother at 19, so to deal with that much hatred towards her, I think she handles herself really good," he says.

As the three finalists — Jennifer Grey, Kyle Massey and Palin — prepare to take home the mirror ball trophy on Tuesday night, Dovolani and his colleague Karina Smirnoff reflected on an intense season full of surprise eliminations. 

"This season has been so entertaining. Someone I thought would be going home in the first week made it to the finals. I mean, how exciting could it get?" says Dovolani. Smirnoff adds that the finalists are the perfect trio for what the show represents.

"We have a dancer, Jennifer Grey. She has been probably the best dancer throughout the whole season. We have the young blood, the fiery and feisty Kyle. His energy is contagious," she says. "And we have a beautiful journey in Bristol — someone who has never danced before and in the period of ten weeks, has learned to become a dancer. I think it's great. It is the show."

Although the November 22 finale may be shrouded in controversy, Dovolani says he wouldn't change a thing. "The audience wanted a show where they could decide who makes it to the finals, and they got it," he says. "They've got nothing to complain about."

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