Deadwood Season 3 courtesy of HBO Home Video Deadwood Season 3 courtesy of HBO Home Video

June is shaping up to be a great month for TV-on-DVD releases. June 5th was packed with releases, and June 12th, while offering less than on the 5th, has some great sets as well.

Comedy fans have lots to choose from; Welcome Back, Kotter season 1, What's Happening Now! season 1, Doc Martin series 1, Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List season 1, Mile High season 2 (available in two volumes), and Trapped in TV Guide season 1 are being released on the 12th.

Fox is releasing The Practice volume 1, which contains 13 episodes on 4 discs, plus a featurette, "Setting up The Practice." MGM has The Rat Patrol season 2, and CBS Home Video is releasing Walker, Texas Ranger Season 3, and the second season of Diagnosis Murder.

My pick of the week comes from HBO - Deadwood season 3, the final season of David Milch's wild west series. This is definitely mature viewing, but it's a great series. The DVD set includes 4 commentary tracks with David Milch, Executive Producer Gregg Fienberg, Writer Mark Tinker and cast members Robin Weigert, W. Earl Browl, Jim Beaver and Sean Bridges; "Deadwood Matures," a featurette offering a historical look at the town of Deadwood, and "The Education of Swearengen and Bullock" which examines the relationship between the two characters.

I've enjoyed watching Deadwood since it first aired a few years ago, and I had a lot of fun researching the town of Deadwood when I wrote my review of the first set. Many of the characters in the show were real people in Deadwood, though a few of them are fictitious characters created to fill holes in the show. The featurettes on the Deadwood sets provide information on the real town, and offer a glimpse into what life was like in the early days. While this is the last season of the show, Milch is writing a few movies which will tie up the series. The price is high ($99.98 SRP), but this is quality entertainment.

Does anything jump out at you this week, or is your bank account still struggling from last week?