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Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson Publicly Imagined an Atheist Family Getting Raped, Castrated, and Murdered

And he had some shocking advice for gay men, too

Tim Surette

Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson may have exhaled a little too much oxygen into one of his family's duck callers instead letting it go to his brain. The outspoken slaughterer of waterfowl imagined an interesting scenario while criticizing atheists at a Florida prayer event on Friday, reports Right Wing Watch.

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In his speech, Robertson hypothesized how an atheist father might react to watching his wife get decapitated and his daughters get raped and shot by intruders who broke into his home. He also threw in some extra details like having the fictional intruders cut off the man's penis and dangle it in front of the victim's face, all while saying that they didn't have to be judged for the crimes because the man is an atheist.

Listen to the speech here:

The fuzzy-faced Robertson also had some advice for gay men: "Find you a woman and marry her!" Wow, who knew it was that easy?

Robertson is no stranger to controversy. In addition to angering ducks all over the world by impersonating randy female ducks and then shooting at the male ones that respond, Robertson has said that AIDS is a punishment for homosexuals' immorality and has likened homosexuality to bestiality. Robertson was suspended from Duck Dynasty in 2013 for insensitive comments, but was reinstated less than two weeks later.

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