Duck Dynasty Duck Dynasty

Happy Fowl-oween!

The Robertson clan are celebrating Halloween on Wednesday's season finale of Duck Dynasty, but Jase is not exactly getting into the spooky spirit.

Much to his wife Missy's dismay, Jase refuses to dress up for their church's annual trick-or-treat event. (Willie, meanwhile, goes for a Freddie Kruger/Jason hybrid that Jase likens to "some kind of hobo cowboy.")

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But while Jase might not be frightened by serial killers or zombies at the event, there is one thing that terrifies him: couples costumes. "Whenever that happens, it means manhood has left the building," according to Jase.

With that in mind, watch his reaction to Jep and Jessica's two-person ensemble in this exclusive sneak peek from "Quack-O-Lantern":

The Duck Dynasty season finale airs Wednesday at 10/9c on A&E.