Drew Barrymore Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore is just not that into romantic comedies anymore.

The actress, who produced and appeared in February's He's Just Not That Into You, is trying to delve into more serious and adult fare (like Zac Efron?).

"I've produced and gotten to do a lot of optimistic love stories, and that was so where I was at for 10 years in my life," Barrymore told the May issue of Elle. "And now I feel like, Okay, now I know how to do that. I wanted to get scared again."

The 34-year-old shows her dramatic chops in her new HBO TV movie, Grey Gardens (premiering April 18), in which she plays Little Edie, the reclusive cousin of Jacqueline Onassis Kennedy who lived in squalor with her mother, Big Edie (played by Jessica Lange).

Determined to win the role, Barrymore assured producers she would completely transform herself — and even get rid of one of her facial habits.

"I said, 'Look — I have all of this inside of me, and I promise you that I will change my face to be her. I will learn how to stop talking out of the side of my mouth. I will go to school to relearn body language. I will shut out the world. I will not talk to my friends. I will give up my life for this, because I don't think you can play this character and have a social life and balance the two mentalities. I won't act. I'll become this person,'" she said.